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Victory Hand Held Electrostatic Sprayer


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Voltage 16.8V
Warranty 1yr limited warranty
Battery 16.8V 3400mAh Lithium-Ion
Weight 3.8 lbs. (5.9 lbs. full) / 1.8 Kg (2.7 Kg)
LED Light Yes
Optimum Spray Distance 2 – 3 feet
Tank Capacity 33.8 oz. (1 Litre)
Run Time 4 hours
Nozzle Spray Sizes 40 micron, 80 micron, 110 micron  full cone 120° fan
Charge Time 90 Minutes
Flow Rate 40 micron / 3.1 oz per minute 80 micron / 3.8 oz. per minute 110 micron / 10.5 oz. per minute



Package Includes

Tank, Battery, Battery Charger, 3-in-1 Nozzle, Nozzle Wrench and Soft sided carry case


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