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Leading Pillow Manufacturers in India

Pillows provide a better level of comfort and support sleepers when they are resting. No bed is complete without a pillow, choosing the right pillow is essential for your good sleep and health. Raenco Mills specializes in manufacturing premium quality pillows that are soft and comfy.  Our bespoke range of pillows is handmade by skilled craftsmen and strictly inspected at every stage of production to ensure that they meet the demand of the customers. As being a leading pillow manufacturer in India, our pillows are widely recognized for their quality and comfort worldwide.

We offer pillows of various sizes, shapes, and ranges, right from support pillows to anti-allergy pillows for hospitals.  Quality is our prime focus and our pillows are designed in accordance with the national standards and keeping in mind the needs of the customer.

We are arguably the best pillow manufacturing company in India with a wide choice of pillow covers, cushions, soft and unique pillow options. Each of the pillows is designed and engineered to perfection coupled with comfort and luxury. Right from the inception, we understand a good night sleep is what everyone is looking for and we are here to make it happen through our premium pillows 

Pillow Manufacturers

Why Choose Us – Leading Pillow Manufacturers in India

Quality product

We are in the field for over decades and have delivered a wide range of pillows to renowned hospitals and hotels in India.  Right from inception, we strive to deliver high-quality products and exceed the expectation of your customers.

Affordable Pricing

Cut down the middleman, we have our own facility located in Tamil Nadu with the latest technology and state of art machinery we manufacture and deliver products as per your requirement. Right from manufacturing to final production, we bring you the best pillows at a low price tag.

Custom Solution

We don’t believe in one size fit, we carefully understand your requirement and offer you the best quality pillows as per your need.

Huge Collection

We offer a wide range of pillows collection

– Our Support pillows are designed to ease up your pain and provide relaxed sleep

– Our Hotel pillows are specially designed to offer great comfort and luxury night sleep

– We also offer anti-allergy pillows great suits for people who have an allergy to natural pillows 


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