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“India’s Most Loved Mattress brand”

A Good sleep will not only leave you feeling refreshed but also comes with various benefits. We are a leading mattress manufacturing company in Coimbatore specialized in delivering high quality mattresses that give you all the comfort you’ll ever need for a good night sleep.

We strive to cater the needs of our customers by providing products that are remarkably best in quality and comfort. We offer a wide range of mattresses with various shapes, and sizes. Be it a tough mattress for the hospital or a soft comfy mattress for your hospitality industry. We as leading mattress manufacturers in Coimbatore are here to cater all your needs.

Over the years we have served around 100+ customers and various renowned hospitality industries in India. We are unique from the rest of the many Mattress manufacturers in Coimbatore, we prosper for the top quality coat with NO Compromises and we concentrate more on customer needs. We believe that the highest quality often comes with remarkable satisfaction from our customers.

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Rest easy with Raenco Mills Mattress

Whether your back sleeper or stomach sleeper, Raenco mills mattresses are especially made with a unique memory foam that can adapt to every body type and  position of sleep.

Quality and comfort are our prime focus, therefore all our mattress undergoes rigorous quality check by a team of engineers to meet the high quality standards.

Using the latest technology around the world coupled with deep understanding of the Indian consumers, our mattresses are adapted to Indian specific needs. Our Memory Foam is designed for the Indian environment and offers the ideal coating and heat support.

Why choose us - Leading Mattress Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Optimum Comfort

Comfort is the most important factor to be considered while buying a mattress. As a leading manufacturer our mattress can comfortably fit all body types. We make sure that the mattress supports all different sleeping positions.

Premium Quality

Our mattresses are manufactured with top notch quality and bring best features into the table while ensuring utter most customer satisfaction. They are meticulously crafted and stylized for your comfort and pleasure.

Great Services

Quick response and on time delivery are the attributes of Raenco – Leading Mattress Manufacturers in India. We are in the field for more than decades and have served many renowned companies in India. We aim to build on this success and keep delivering quality products to our customers.


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