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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Sanjeevani for health and hygiene

Dalmia has always been an environment friendly and socially responsible
organisation. So, while humanity fights its battle against the dangerous
COVID 19 Virus, the Dalmia Group, has come up with Sanjeevani, an allnew
ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer. The alcohol used in Sanjeevani is a
product of Dalmia’s sugar production process and is 100% plant-based,
natural, organic and without any side effects. Use natural sanitiser with our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser without physical contact.

Sanjeevani for planet

Most of the hand sanitisers available in the market today use Isopropyl alcohol, a propane based alcohol produced from fossil fuels, with high carbon content. Since Dalmia’s Sanjeevani is made from plant based alcohol, it doesn’t have any carbon footprints and is completely nature friendly. It also helps us meet our zero waste policy as the entire sugarcane plant is used and nothing is wasted.

Sanjeevani for People

Dalmia stands for community development and sustainability and Sanjeevani will further help our hardworking farmers and communities around our plants.


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