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Thermal Fogger Machines

ULV Fogger Machine

  • Compatible with all types of water based disinfection
  • Highly Effective infection control
  • An ideal tool for Fumigation, Generate ultrafine & Non-wetting aerosols
  • Specially designed with non-corrosion material and have stand with 360˚ rotating nozzle
  • Made with extreme care for health care & pharmaceutical industries
  • The large no. of very small droplets create high density fog
  • Integrated intake air filter prevents entry of dust for safety of motors parts.
  • Having high voltage control & cutoff for low disinfectant
  • Easy to clean, detachable chemical resistance high grade nylon tank having visible disinfectant level.

Thermal Fogger Machine

Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra-fine droplets in a range of 1–50 um using thermo – pneumatic energy. Liquid substances are vaporized in the unit and form ultra-fine aerosols by condensing on contact with cool ambient air. Thermal fogging is used for any pest control task where active substances should be uniformly distributed even inaccessible places, without leaving undesirable residues.


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