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How do I choose a bed linen? How can I analyze the cost on the quality?
For Bed sheets, Pillow covers, Duvet covers: Normally for all the mentioned linen these are denoted by TC (Thread Count), there is a general misconception that the more the Tc we buy better the quality. True the quality and feel is definitely going to be good but what about the life? The life would be lower when we buy more Tc the reason for that is the linen becomes thinner and silkier and it is also going to be expensive. Normally it is recommended to go for plain bed sheets and the pillow covers & duvet covers to be of any design (for looks) this also improves the life of the linen. Pure white linen are always recommended than the colored bed sheets as the colored ones has a tendency to fade after certain washes which makes them look older.

Points to be noted while buying the above mentioned linen:

It is the number of threads per inch.
We can use 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s and 80s. 40s is use for 200-250 TC, 60s is used for 300 TC; the blend can be of 60/40’s yarn or 60/60’s yarn and 80s for 400 TC. 20s is used for 120 TC and 30s for 150 TC
The number of threads vertically per inch is called Reed and the number of threads horizontally is called Pick. For example. 200Tc can be made with a reed & pick of 100*100 (which normally is not done) or this can be made 110*90 (diff is only 10 threads) or 136*72 (diff is 64 threads) etc…. It is recommended that there should not be big difference on the reed & pick since the tearing strength of the fabric would be equally shared. There would be a price difference on the fabric as there is a difference in the reed & pick, the more the difference lesser the price.
It is recommended that we ask for the same TC before processing. For Example. If we want 200Tc then it should be 200Tc while weaving so that this becomes 210-220 Tc after processing after considering shrinkage etc…
Normally if it is single pick the quality on the fabric is more in terms of life, tearing strength etc…. If the price is a constraint then parallel or triple can be considered. There would be a price difference when we consider the above facts, as we are aware that Quality comes at a cost.
It is always better if we use a single sheet to stitch pillow covers, this will avoid uneven shrinkage. If two sheets are stitched to make a pillow cover then it would be crooked or have a uneven shape after a few washes. If we opt for single sheet then the price would be higher.
It is recommended that the inner flap size is 10” which will not allow the pillows to come out or rather will hold the pillows properly even on rough use.
It is recommended that the inner flap is 8 to 10” which would not allow the duvets to come out even if the tuck in is not proper.
Any fabric which is woven in a 40’s yarn give a better life than others. In 40’s count we can weave 200 or 220 or 260 Tc in which 260 Tc would have a better life and tearing strength due to the weight and the higher raw materials used.
These will avoid hairiness, bubble formation, shrinkage, bowing…..


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